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Express your solidarity through graphics

Graphics done by Arindam Biswas

Special DesignerAnandabazar Patrika
Kolkata, West Bengal

 The World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) and the World Editors Forum have condemned the vicious murders of two journalists in India and have called on the Indian authorities to act swiftly to bring the perpetrators to justice.

WAN-IFRA has written to the authorities in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh states to demand thorough investigations into the killings of Jogendra Singh and Sandeep Kothari, and to call for better protections for press freedom and the safety of journalists.

The brutal murder of Mr Singh on 1 June in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh, reportedly involved six policemen - accompanied by a mob of 20 people – who beat the journalist before setting fire to him at his home in front of horrified witnesses. After suffering serious burns, Mr Singh died on 8 June.

Meanwhile Mr Kothari was kidnapped from Balaghat in Madhya Pradesh before his body was discovered in the neighbouring state of Maharashtra on 21 June.

Express your solidarity and fellow feeling for these martyrs of journalism through your graphics.
The graphics will be published in and the aim is to open the eyes of the civil society and the authorities.

Send your graphics to

T.K Sajeev Kumar re-appointed as Regional Director of SND Asia-South Pacific

Sajeev Kumar T.K, Visual Editor of Kerala Kaumudi based in Kerala, India, has been re-appointed as  Society for News Design regional director for Asia and South Pacific. TKsajeev runs a very popular website  about newsdesigning  in India and the neighboring countries

Exclusive interview:Reporting from a war zone with illustrations and graphics

 Did you ever imagine of yourself being a visual journalist moving with a war reporter, right in the middle of a conflict, reporting and sketching?

Read the interview

Hans Peter Janisch on Indian buget design

Well known German design consultant and trainer Hans Peter Janisch critiquing page one of the major India dailies which carried Indian Central Government Budget





Exclusive interview with Sergio Peçanha

Sergio Peçanha is the Graphic Editor (foreign affairs) of New York Times

Read his exclusive interview with tksajeev

Design must reflect the philosophy of the newspaper:Pegie Stark

Discussion:Do we really need teaser on page one?

Well-known design consultants Mario Garcia,Lucie Lacava, Hans Peter Janisch,Adonis Durando and Ron Reason expressing their thought on teasers exclusively for

Read the discussion

Javier Errea's first project in India launched

Well-known spanish design cosultant Javier Errea's first project in India  hit the market on Feb 5.Javier and his team had redesigned Malayala Manorama,one of the largest circulated daily in India.

Times of Oman award winning pages

See the Times of Oman award winning pages in the 33rd edition of the Society for News Design best of news design competition exclusively on
Times of Oman led by genius design editor Adonis Durado once again attracting everyone with its wonderful design concept.


Exclusive Interveiw with Kaitlin Yarnall

T.K Sajeev,Regional Director (Asia- South Pacific),Society for News Design  talks  with Kaitlin Yarnall, Deputy Creative Director of  National Geographic, Washington  exclusively for

Read the interview

Which comes first - Storytelling or Design


This discussion is about storytelling and design. Which comes first.

Design Guru Mario Garcia, Well known design consultants Hans Peter

Janisch, Lucie Lacava, Graphics Specialist Charles Apple and Times of Oman Art Director Adonis Durado talks about the subject

See the post

Which comes first - Storytelling or Design...

Visual information is getting ubiquitous in our lives

T K Sajeev talks with Alvaro Valino for Follow their conversation @ Visual information is getting ubiquitous in our lives

Black and White

T K Sajeev talks with Nadine for Read the interview @ Black & White

Role of Grid

How important is the role of GRID in the newspaper designing? Some newspapers strictly follow 6 or 8 or 12 column grid. On the other hand some don't have one, setting the column according to the story. What experts think about it? Read about the role of grid here

Interview with National Geographic Magazine Art Director


What's a perfect redesign

Well-known design consultants Lucie Lacava and Hans Peter Janisch comments on this subject exclusively for Complete story at Perfect Redesign


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There must be willingness to try new things:Shraddha Swaroop


tksajeev talks exclusively with Shraddha Swaroop for



Design Guru Mario Garcia,well-known consultants Hans Peter Janisch,Charles Apple, Lucie Lacava and Times of Oman design editor Adonis Durado talks exclusively with on the headline color they like. Its really a wonderful experience to read the thoughts of these GREAT designers

SND19(Asia and South Pacific


Society for News Design - Region 19

(Asia and South Pacific)

Region 19 covers Asia and the South Pacific, including India, Australia, Japan, Indonesia and Southeast Asia.For more details about its activities contact Sajeev Kumar T.K

Regional Director 19




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