The incident of “Srilankan players objecting to remain in the playing area for destructive nature of the pitch ” that happened yesterday in Firoz shah kotla during the 5th ODI between India and Srilanka had brought a same for the BCCI .Though India won the series 3-1, but this type of incidents of the pitch not favorable for play is not really acceptable by the cricket fans like me.

During the past 3-4 years BCCI has been indulging in huge money making business by selling the popularity of cricket.So, this type is incident is unacceptable, And is it okay for the crowd to get angry and break the chairs and all.This incident indicated the limitations of BCCI and also the fact that they are busy in making money but not upgrading the standard of cricket.Some of our ground are still far behind when compared to other ground all around the Country.Here money making is the foremost priority.

I order to avoid such type if incidents in future BCCI should open both the eyes and be proactive in setting standards for other cricket boards as it is the richest among all other cricketing Boards.The world cup is knocking our doors and this type of incidents will not do any better for cricket in INDIA.