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See the word cloud on the speeches of Trump and Obama.This innovative work was created by well-known infographic expert Jeff Goertzen

How it was made?
Jeff Goertzen shared it exclusively with

In our planning meeting we were discussing the centerpiece treatment for the speech on our front page. While we were discussing visuals, I was pondering the idea of doing a word cloud of Trump speech. Nothing that hadn't been done before. When one of the editors was mentioning this being his first speech to Congress, I suddenly had the idea to do a word cloud that compared Trump's first speech to Congress with Obama's first speech to Congress. I mentioned the idea and the everyone loved the idea. I went online and tried out a couple word cloud tools. It was interesting to see how each tool differed in their results. One word cloud had the word "WILL" as the biggest word. Most tools will filter out the small grammar words like, the, a, who, will, I, we...etc. So the word cloud tool I ended up using was ""

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