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Indian Government's  budget is on February 1st 2017.

Here is some tips for Indian designers from

Well-known design consultants Adonis Durado and Chris Courtney

I just follow this three steps:Adonis Durado

1. Brainstorm with the people involve with the project. Ask relevant questions that will help you conceptualize the page. Also, it is important for you to learn the angle and tone of the story so you can find the right visual treatment.

2. Do sketches to check text-visual ratio. Ask yourself: Do I need dominant image or just a strong headline as the hook? Should I employ illustration or graphic? Do I have enough elements to package the story, such as side bar, timeline, etc?

3. Do research online and offline. Check what has been done in the previous years regarding the subject, as well as your competitors. Check how you can improve it or make it better and different.

Look for trends and compare:Chirs Courtney

Looking at this from the perspective of an outsider, the first thing I would do is dig through prior budgets that have been released in the past to acquaint yourself with how the data is structured and what has been reported in the past. Look for trends and be ready to quickly compare prior trends with the new budget.There are likely stories that immediately jump out—provided you are aware of what was reported before.

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