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EXCLUSIVE:Times of Oman award winning pages

Times of Oman led by genius design editor Adonis Durado once again stole the limelight with its wonderful design concept. Adonis talks exclusively on the success to 

Many experts say that it is easy to win awards in one competition. But repeating it is a difficult task. Your team have the credit of achieving it. What's the recipe of your team's success in the 33rd edition of the SND competition?

Adonis Durado,Design Editor of Times of Oman talks to

There’s no magical secret. It’s just plain hard work. I’d admit though that this year we have more pressure than the previous. For a lot of people have been thinking that our big win from SND 32 was fluke. And I don’t blame them, as it was the first time that our paper entered the competition and all of a sudden we hit the spotlight by ranking second in the highest number of awards.

In effect, our win had given my staff more energy and inspiration to do better – plus, the mounting challenge to remain on the top has kept us motivated and ruthlessly wanting. And who would have thought that a small paper from a relatively unknown country would sit in the company of the giants like LA Times or Washington Post? I think nothing beats a highly motivated team with a strong yearning to outdo its previous feat.

So we did work our ass off. Apart from the individual effort, we embarked on ambitious team project that SND eventually paid us gold. And we are proud that my paper has made history by bringing in the first ever SND gold for my region (Middle East and Africa).

See the Times of Oman award winning pages in the 33rd edition of the Society for News Design best of news design competition exclusively on 

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i'm sure, not easy to get awards. its creative competition not design. can say difficult to maintain status, i mean repeating awards.


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