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How important is the role of GRID in the newspaper designing? Some newspapers follow strictly 6 or 8.or 12 col grid. On the other hand some don't have one. Setting the column according to the story.Read what experts Mario Garcia, Hans Peter Janisch, Lucie Lacava and Douglas Okasaki has to share in this regard


It's the frame:Mario Garcia

The grid is the frame, or skeleton, on which we hang the flesh, in our case, the stories.  A grid is what determines a well organized newspaper versus one where chaos reigns.  It is, in my view, the second step in the design process, after typographic selection.


It depends on the paper and the designer:Hans Peter Janisch

Grids are helpful but not for everybody

A grid really helps constructing a page quick and easy and it is especially helpful for a not-so-experienced designer. In this case is guides the design, it frames and builds a basic architecture. Of course, the pages created with a strong grid always seem more modular, more classic and of course a little more boring then the pages that do not use a grid. So it just depends on the paper. If you work for a regional or subscription newspaper, the grid seems to be right choice.
But for a street sale paper, with a variety of design ideas for different pages, the classic grid is more of an obstacle. In this case one should use a more flexible grid (10-12) or completly work without one.
I have worked both ways and always enjoyed the help of a grid design when working working in countries where newspaper design is just starting to pick up. And I witnessed many papers that started with a 6 column grid, went to 8 columns, and are now more magazine-style working on a 12-column-grid. So it all depends on the paper and the designers...

The absence of a grid brings chaos:Lucie Lacava

The grid of a newspaper is of outmost importance. It delivers a professional polished product to the reader. Wether it is standard or more complex, a grid brings order, structure and personality to a newspaper. It facilitates and accelerates the layout of pages. Some users may find it restricts their creativity. On the contrary, learning how to use the grid to its full potential is a liberating experience. The absence of a grid brings chaos. A newspaper without a grid is like a building with no foundation.

Its basic element:Douglas Okasaki

The grid is a very important basic element in the newspaper design structure. It’s give consistence in the design project and agility for page construction. Of course, in some special page you can be free of using the official newspaper grid but it will be always necessary to follow a structure and alignment between text, pictures and headline, its help in complex page with many elements.
8 columns grid is more common in Asia and 6 columns in western countries; both works well in the newspaper environment for each region and in this case the grid is also important for advertisement plan.

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Page Design - Grids

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The grid or grid is the structure that defines the design of the publication, we must look ahead to build all levels of editing that must have a story (note major, minor, short, etc), graphics (tables, charts, figures , etc) and of course typing attributes (font, body, spacing). To design a structure that supports the daily issues we will create a system that covers all instances of information we need to tell the story and create the different elements of issue for which no purpose is other than to help understand the story. All this project thinking on the readers (and potential) combined with human skills and the environment and business strategies defined at project initiation.

Whatever the format of the day on which we will work (tabloid, Berliner or standard) concepts for the construction of the grid do not vary significantly, except for differences that may exist in the choice of columns in particular between the tabloid and berliner compared with the standard. While overall the trend is to use five in the first two and six or seven in the third, which should be a priority for its definition is to analyze how the readability of text in the column width of the central text of the news because this is the soul of the content. Studies on reading conditions tell us that the ideal is 7 to 10 words (50 to 70 characters) per line, although this is not usual in the newspapers. It is recommended when a project is started from scratch that the election marks (which should be clear and legible) and the construction of the grid is performed in conjunction with full awareness of their close relationship and interaction.

For a proper study of the grid, first define the unit of measure on which to work, it is preferable to handle instances of typographical code working with points and picas, remember that 1 pica equals 12 points.


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