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How Hindustan times conceived and excuted Jharia Graphic Novel

HT team narrates

Jharia coal mine town, in Dhanbad district (Jharkhand), has an underground coal mine fire burning for the last 100 years. This year will mark a century since the fire started burning under Jharia.

The initial plan was to make this as a storyboard. But then we thought of narrating the story through photos from Jharia. So one of our inhouse photographers was sent to Jharia and the briefing given to him was to capture the story in four parts…

1. Life

2. Livelihood

3. Health

4. Future (what is there for the children)

To make the storytelling more compelling, we thought of giving some facts and figures to go with the visuals.

Visual was going to be the strong point of this page. Instead of using the photos in their original form, we thought of treating the photos as a graphic narration of the story.

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