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Mathew Kurian is a designer, arts&life section of Abu dhabi based broadsheet daily The National. He had won 2 Silver awards and 4 Excellence awards in the 30th The Best of Newspaper Design™ Creative Competition conducted by Society of News Design.
In this post Mathew Kurien talks with tksajeev about newsdesign

tksajeev and mathew kurien

1.What are the basics of a good design?
Good design should help the message of a publication stand out,not detract from it.

2. What's your opinion about modular layout?

We have to consider the page as a whole, not looking on each module per se.

3. How the reader's eye roll over the broadsheet?

A good design should have focus. Everything else supports that focus. If anything does not help accomplish this, then it's better to take it out of the page.

4. What's the role of white space in newspaper?

We have to think of it as an graphic element, too, just like any other item.

5.Is there any difference in design concept among Indiannewspapers and foreign newspaper?

Good design is universal. But, of course, taste varies from culture to culture. But in any case, each one isinviting to read.
6.In the last two SND competitions ,US newspaper's hadn't got major
awards. Do you think US designer's lack innovation these days?

Well, maybe. I think some of the well known American designers are living outside the US.

7. What are easy ways of creating good page or illustration?

Everything starts from the mind. I mean the seed of an idea.It doesn't have to do with a fast Mac, or the latest computer
gadget. First make a mental sketch of what you're trying to do.
Then test your idea. Test it. Yes, test it. And I do mean, test it.This means don't fall in love with it. If it doesn't work. Try
another one. It's a laborious process. But it pays off in the end.

8 How we can make a daily different every day?

Innovate. Innovate. Innovate. Maybe it's just that we're not trying hard enough.

9. Normally illustrators have a style. Is it a barrier to try different styles?
A freelance illustrator might have the luxury of honing a style his whole life and selling to many publications. But the reality
of working for a single publication is that your value is in being able to adopt many different styles, and do it well.

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