I have developed this workshop for three years in Argentina. Now, I am interested in giving in other places of the world.

DG. Ariel Garofalo

The purpose of this seminary and workshop is to help developing skills and providing tools for graphic design and publishing of newspapers, magazines and editorial publications.

The seminary will be dictated by the consultant and designer Dg. Ariel Garofalo.
Graphic Designer Ariel Garofalo is a graduate of the University of Buenos Aires, 15 years of experience in design and publishing consultancy.

He has worked in advising or developing projects in Argentina (Clarín, New Magazine, Magazine 3 points, El Debate, Digital Design Magazine, The Civics), Chile (La Prensa), Uruguay (The Republic), Paraguay (Color ABC), Panama ( La Estrella de Panama), Venezuela (Panorama, The Daily Journal), Puerto Rico (El Nuevo Día), Peru (El Comercio, La Industria), Mexico (Universidad Tecnologica de Monterrey, Reforma, Mural, Northern) United States ( Daily Sun), Spain (El Mundo), England (The Observer) and Denmark (Jylland Posten) independently, as a member of Garcia Media, and as director of Danilo Black Buenos Aires, Rapport (South Africa).
He taught at the University of Buenos Aires, gave lectures and professional training courses in newspapers in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela, Panama, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Denmark.

The seminary presents an overview of today’s design and publishing of newspapers and magazines, their evolution and trends that are now defining new methodologies. By analyzing recent launches and redesigns of national and international print media provide the participant with tools and specific criteria that you can understand the mass production of publications in context and operate in an environment subject to constant change.
Concepts will be developed visual editing, navigability, management hierarchies, use of color, space and typography, as well as the process of building the identity of a newspaper through design applications and methods.
These ideas will be implemented by the participant through the development and implementation of the redesign of a journal chosen, to be discussed jointly by the participants and the teacher.
Participants will learn the evolution, present and trends in the field of design and editing, as well as tools and approaches currently used to apply in the conduct of a redesign.
Who can participate
Graduates from Graphic Design, Visual Communication Design, arts directors, diagrams, graphics editors, professionals who edit and print media need to be updated. Advanced students of graphic design.

The seminary covers five phases to develop, the development of each will be given according to time and thematic priorities of the day:
F1. Grid, typography and color
F2. News Design
F3. Identity of the journal
F4. Cases Studies
F5. Workshop
Fase 1. Grid, typography and color
■ Study of the grid
■ Interline, columns and streets
■ Typography for titles
■ Typography for texts
■ Combination Type
■ Color System

Fase 2. Newsdesign
■ News hierarchy
■ News primary, secondary and tertiary
■ Shorts and boxes
■ Signatures and credits
■ Elements of the news editing
■ Separation of advertising and news
■ Organization of advertising
■ Faced pages
■ Photo hierarchy
■ Rhythm Edition

Fase 3. Identity
■ Front page
■ Identity of the opening section
■ Identity of the sections
■ Browsers
■ Difference between infographics and a box’s information

Fase 4. Case Studies
■ Cooking with newspapers and magazines
■ Analysis newspaper redesign cases
■ Analysis magazine redesign cases

Fase 5. Workshop
■ The seminary will invite participants to exercise options to transfer the skills taught into practice. The participants, in optional form, can work in the development design for one newspaper or one magazine.
Work Program
■ The seminary is designed for each participant can dump their personal concerns or the environment in which it operates. A seminary is generated from actual experiences in working with the media.
■ The duration of the seminar can be two or three days, or can be adjusted to the requirements of the organizer

Ariel Garofalo
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Telephone: [+5411] 4555-0481
Skype: a.garo
Web: www.arielgarofalo.com