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Circulation of Indian Newspapers has increased four times

Japan's largest paper Yomiuri ran a story about the growth of Indian papers.
The headline says that the Circulation of Indian Newspapers has increased four times in 10 years.

The summary of Yomiuri Shimbun story.

Newspapers are thriving in India

-- Newspaper circulation in India increased by more than four times between 2006 and 2016.
-- More than 371 million copies published in India in 2016.
-- While the circulation figures for print publications is on the decline in most developed markets, India shows an unusual spike.
-- Relatively low Internet penetration rate (26% in 2015) contribute the highest demand of newspapers for information gathering.
-- Population in India will exceed China by 2022 and it will become the largest country in the world. A person in one of India's media groups predicted that there are more potential in newspaper market in India and is optemistic the booming trend continues. However, Seema Mustafa of Centre for Policy Research points out that readers will shift to online newspapers from print media in next 10 years as India's infrastracture in Internet becomes more accessible to the citizens.

Thanks to my friend and well known designer Satoshi Toyoshima for sending this report

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